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Medicine is the restoration of discordant elements; sickness is the discord of the elements infused into the living body.  – Leonardo da Vinci

When entering Bailey Spine and Wellness, our goal is to put our patients at ease and focus on providing the very best in pain relief options including our breakthrough non-surgical knee pain relief protocol.

Since a high percentage of pain originates in the spine, our chiropractic experts diagnose the source of the pain and provide a plan of care that may include a combination of deep tissue light therapy, spinal decompression, neuromuscular therapy, soft tissue massage, lite touch adjustments and stem cell injections.

Dr. Jason Bailey

Dr. Jason Bailey

Dr. Bailey grew up in Los Angeles, CA, where he excelled in sports and subsequently earned a football scholarship to Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN. During his sophomore year at Vanderbilt, he injured his neck playing football leaving two of his fingers completely numb. The loss of sensation lasted for about two years and was not helped by conventional medicine, so a family member encouraged him to try chiropractic. After several adjustments the numbness in his hand went away and this experience led to him becoming a chiropractor.

Since then Dr. Bailey has seen thousands of patients get better from back pain and nerve problems like he had, but also from other health conditions you would not expect. Chiropractic is truly amazing.

Dr. Bailey has been in practice since 1998. He has a wonderful and loving wife, Amy Accurso Bailey, who is also a chiropractor, and they have three beautiful children, Jonathan, Justin, and Julia.


1993-1997 Life University, Marietta, GA.
Doctor of Chiropractic, March 1997

1988-1992 Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN
Bachelor of Science, May 1992


  • Co-Host of “High Performance Health and Healing” Radio Show, WAXY 790 AM
  • Previous Co-Host of “Back to Health” Radio Show, WMBM AM
  • Previous Host of “Peak Performance” Radio Show, WAXY 790 AM
  • Performed Spinal evaluations or talks for numerous organizations, (Wild Oats, Best Buy, Whole Foods, Assurant Group, Home Depot, Southridge High School, Cutler Ridge Mall, Publix Markets, amongst others)


Diversified, Arthrostim, Toggle, Activator, SOT, Thompson, Chiropractic Biophysics, and the Gordon Technique for Manipulation under Anesthesia.


– International Chiropractic Association
– Florida Chiropractic Association
– Florida Chiropractic Society
– Southern Chiropractic Association

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